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Say Goodbye to iPhone. No One Guessed Apple’s Next Product

Think about how many amazing technologies you’ve watched soar to new heights while you kick yourself thinking, “I knew about that before everyone was talking about it, but I just sat on my hands.”

If you’re like me, you can’t help thinking about the money you could have made if you’d simply bought Apple when it introduced the iPod in 2001. The stock is up over 100 times since then, turning a $10,000 investment into over $1 million!

Heck, Apple is up nearly 1,000% since it launched the iPhone seven years later. 300% since the iPad in 2010.

Did you know how great and amazing these new technologies were, but failed to invest in them? You might be retired and lounging on a beautiful beach somewhere if you had!

Well, it appears Apple is up to something again, but this time it’s so radically different from its previous “iDevices” that you’ll be stunned. You’ll wonder if it could really work. You’ll wonder if management has lost its mind.

But remember…that’s what many people thought after Steve Jobs introduced the iPod and iPhone! Big profits come from making bold choices.

What exactly is Apple doing?

Well, residents of Sunnydale are reporting strange noises roaring out of a mysterious Apple facility late at night. And Apple leased an enormous, 5,000-acre, abandoned military base to serve as testing grounds according to TechInsider.

We know that it must be something BIG because the company’s R&D budget skyrocketed to more than 50 times as much money as Apple spent to develop the original iPhone!

Here’s what we know…

Apple just made a $10 billion play to get in early.

Cisco believes it will be a $19 trillion market before 2025. General Electric sees an opportunity bigger than the entire economy of China!

I saw Amazon received a patent for a piece of it just a few days ago.

Can Apple really pull this moonshot off? With a track record like Apple has, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ve laid out everything I and the team of highly acclaimed analysts here at The Motley Fool uncovered about this project.

We even detail the one electrifying company sitting on a gold mine of critical patents that are poised to possibly play a drastically large role in this new tech. As you’ll find out, it’s NOT Apple.

However please note: as of right now, you risk missing out on this stock – because we only reveal these stock recommendations to members of our Stock Advisor community.

But while you can’t go back in time to lock in the nearly 1,000% return you’d have by purchasing Apple stock just seven short years ago… I believe I’m offering the next best thing.

For details on how you can join Stock Advisor and learn about this electrifying company – simply click the button below.

And in case you’re strapped for time, I just tested it myself and joining took less than two minutes.

The time to take advantage of this information is before it makes it to the front page of every newspaper.


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No matter how perfectly your internet site ranks for specific keywords, the absolute goal is to boost sales and provide earnings. Sometimes the most visible site isn’t useful from a marketing perspective if it doesn’t fulfill that. This is the primary difference between a good SEO strategy and a poor one. This is perhaps the most well-known target for online business. To make sure you measure leads increase, I suggest setting a percentage rate increase as opposed to an absolute lead count. This accounts for monthly traffic fluctuations and enables for significant historical evaluations. Likewise, make sure to track certified leads versus general leads and set requirements as to what is regarded a qualified lead. Accomplishing this will certainly also measure the quality of leads you are getting.


An exceptionally convenient strategy for generating Quality leads from your website is to make use of exit detection”. When you believe a surfer is about to exit your website, you provide them a call-to-action (CTA). The CTA can be anything of benefit to your target consumer. For example, let’s say you are an e-commerce website. You can deliver a coupon code that expires in 24 hours. Or maybe you sell business consulting. You may deliver a free 1-hour initial session, but your visitor has to sign up instantly.

The key reason why you need to take into consideration Google’s policy on back linking is that you could harm the site you’re linking to with negative SEO by using excessive linking. Now your anchor text pointing to the source is one insignificant exact match keyword, but there could be a considerable number of other sites pointing to it applying the same exact keywords.

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Shenzhen Fashion Week

There’s no doubt now that Shanghai Fashion Week is ‘the’ fashion week in China,”. but Shenzhen fashion week is also worth keeping eye on.
Models present creations of La parlay and Ellassay at the end of the Fashion Shenzhen event during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 in Milan, Italy, Sept. Kopenhagen Fur presented its debut show themed as ‘For Fashion’ at Shenzhen Fashion Week on March 21, 2017, in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong province. Instead of showing at Istanbul Fashion Week, she is going to Shenzhen Fashion Week next week, and she has showrooms in London and Guangzhou.

The designer swapped her New York Fashion Week presentation for one in China on March 18, and it was one of the highlights of Shenzhen Fashion Week, an event organized and funded by the Shenzhen People’s Government with WME-IMG. Dynamic, ambitious and sometimes chaotic, Shanghai Fashion Week is becoming a global center of gravity for Asia’s sprawling fashion trade. Doesn’t it feel like Fashion Week never really ends?

Shenzhen Design Week has programmed annually according to theme and focus. China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Tech Week In China is launched by Fashion Tech Industry Accelerator (FTIA), an acceleration program backed by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) and The Council of Fashion Designers of Shenzhen in 2015. It was my third season attending these shows for a number of reasons: 1) I never want to miss the Marisfrolg show, which Soo Joo Park opened two seasons ago because they’re Shenzhen fashion royalty.

There is also the potential to show designs at Paris Fashion Week. More than 200 fashion designers will stage 60 shows during the fashion week, which is slated to attract at least 10,000 professional media professionals, buyers, trendsetters, supermodels and heavyweights from the global fashion industry. Held in Shenzhen, one of UNESCO’s Cities of Design, the fashion week is sponsored by the city government and organized by the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association and IMG, a global leader in fashion.

Shanghai Fashion Week’s sales floors have become so international, in fact, that brands from abroad now outnumber those from China at the four official trade shows.

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The biggest bombshell of 2017 … (Bigger Than Comey & Russiagate)

Below is recent satellite footage of Mar-a-Lago. Residence of President Trump.

Our intelligence sources confirm this “leak” is 100% authentic… with the potential to ignite a media frenzy bigger than Comey’s testimony. By tomorrow.

Look close. Can you see why?

17 miles south of Mar-a-Lago, in a small beach town, most folks have never heard of. An unusual operation is headquartered there.

Reportedly, its founder (a multimillionaire businessman and self-proclaimed anarchist) has done more to “Drain the Swamp” than any official in President Trump’s cabinet.

And thanks to his shocking new broadcast, it’s now indisputable.

To be clear:

Both the Mainstream Media and political elite HATE this man. Fear him even.
He calls politicians like Bill Clinton “sociopaths.” Yet President Clinton attended a private gathering with this millionaire at the White House.

Dick Cheney tried to shake his hand in New Orleans. But in front of dozens of onlookers, he publicly shamed the former Vice President.

And this millionaire anarchist’s latest work…

It’s a bombshell guaranteed to blindside the Establishment.

See for yourself – click here to a private viewing while it’s still online.

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