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IXWebHosting. com is primarily a shared hosting provider, but with one important difference: its services are geared towards SEO. By providing customers with their own dedicated IP addresses, all websites are ready to accept e-commerce transactions. In addition, sites with dedicated IPs could well be given an advantage in the search engines.

Based in Columbus, Ohio in e-commercehe company was founded by Fathi Said who is still the CEO. Said claimed the company hosted more than a quarter of a million websites in 2007, so five years on, it’s likely that they host considerably more. Fathi Said is also the CEO of Host Excellence as part of the Ecommerce Inc group.

IXWebHosting. com Hosting Plans
Let’s look at shared hosting first of all. When comparing IXWebHosting. com plans, consider whether you need per dedicated IP, either for SEO or ecommerce. If you do, their plans will be of interest.

The Expert, Business Plus and Unlimited Pro price plans step up incrementally in price. All include unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains with the option of Linux or Windows hosting. In addition, you get those all-important free IPs: two on the low-cost plan, three on the medium plan and 15 on the top-priced plan. You’ll also get one, two or three free domain names. Beware though: Cpanel and Plesk aren’t included.

IXWebHosting. com presents its plans in the wrong order on the shared hosting page, so take care. They promote the most expensive plan in the centre of the page.

Next up are IXWebHosting. com’s VPS plans. There are three, all Linux based. The limits they place on resources are fairly standard, and you can choose either Cpanel or Plesk: both are self-installs. Unlimited domain hosting is included, and all plans include two dedicated IPs.

IXWebHosting. com also offers four cloud hosting plans with your choice of Linux OS, two dedicated IPs and either Cpanel or Plesk.

IXWebHosting. com Uptime/Downtime

IXWebHosting. com runs its own tier 3 (N+1) data centre in Ohio. the company does not share its building with anyone else, although it’s formally run through Ecommerce Inc. The facility has two backup generators and protection against server outages. They offer a 99. 9% uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard at this level.

The company also takes backups of customer data, although it isn’t clear how often these backups are performed. Software automatically monitors the network, scans for malware and automatically removes any malicious code it finds.

IXWebHosting. com Support

IXWebHosting. com makes the impressive claim of offering the best support in the web hosting industry. They assign a Personal Support Rep – a named individual – to every customer, helping them handle technical problems, billing issues and more. The name of the IXWebHosting. com support rep is even included in the control panel, and any new tickets that are logged are flagged up to that person as they come osservando la.

This is quite an ambitious approach to support; IXWebHosting. com even provides access to Personal Support Reps via social media.

On the Support page, users are given various email addresses to contact the relevant department if they have questions. There’s also access to support via telephone (toll-free in the US, regular if outside the US) and live chat, plus video tutorials, FAQs and a manual. The company’s social media pages are active; staff provide support through Twitter and Facebook, and they also have a YouTube channel.

IXWebHosting. com in the News

IXWebHosting. com doesn’t appear to have hit the headlines, although their parent company has had its controversies. As far as this particular branch of the operation goes, I didn’t find any verified, reliable reports of hacks, downtime or vulnerabilities.

IXWebHosting. com Control Panel

VPS and cloud customers can choose Cpanel or Plesk, but shared hosting customers are denied either. Instead, they’re provided with Psoft H-Sphere which is considerably less attractive and more basic than Cpanel. Although H-Sphere is only provided on shared accounts, I found it a fair bit more difficult to navigate and understand than the industry standard tools. There is a live demo on the site if you want to try it out.

IXWebHosting. com Extras

The free IPs and domain names are a major selling point for IXWebHosting. com. There’s not a lot else in addition.

On the Shared plans customers get Google Adwords credit ($25, $50 or $75), one-click installers, a one-click photo gallery install and between one and three free domains. Customers also have access to per site builder tool.

There are no obvious freebies on the Cloud or VPS hosting plans.

IXWebHosting. com Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

IXWebHosting. com offers a free 7-day trial in addition to two money-back guarantees.

The first is a 30-day money back guarantee which provides a refund of hosting and setup fees, although domain name costs and over-limit fees are not included.

Additionally, they offer the ‘Anytime’ guarantee. This allows you to request a refund of your current month’s fees, plus any future fees, although not fees due in the current billing cycle. Setup fees aren’t included in this refund policy, and nor are domain name or over-limit fees. Customers who pay via Alipay are excluded from this guarantee clause.

Cancellations must be requested via their contact form on the Support page.

IXWebHosting. com Summary

When comparing IXWebHosting. com’s plans with other shared hosting providers, consider whether you need a dedicated IP. If you do, you might save per fair chunk of cash simply because you won’t need to pay top-up fees for your IP addresses, and the SEO advantages of having those IPs will appeal to some people with specialised needs.

The plans are otherwise fairly unremarkable, although capable enough for the price, and the support department’s commitment to personal service is very impressive if true. The ‘anytime’ money-back guarantee is also a step up from other hosts in the same price band.

With this review, if the user decides to proceed with the purchase of the service, the owner of this blog will receive a fee.
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