Vix volatility index Soars higher as S&P drop

The long-slumbering Vix volatility index – which reflects the expected US stock market turbulence implied by option prices – has jumped above 15 today
Low market volatility now, but when it comes it could be huge ‬‏
What’s Next For VIX: Trump ‘Improvised’ N. Korea Comment?

We don’t have a VIX for that period, but we do have realized volatility on the SPX which can serve as a helpful proxy. T
The VIX rises to record levels and provides a dire Warning to investors: The Vega Of VIX ETFs Has Never Been Higher

With the VIX soaring, from lest than 10 yesterday to over 15, risk is suddenly breaking out above the crucial Kolanovic redline level…And Nasdaq is tumbling.

… it is worth reminding readers just how coiled the short-vol sector is, something we described two weeks ago in “If The VIX Goes Bananas” This Is What It Will Look Like” and in which a Morgan Stanley TRADER detailed how a devastating short vol unwind might develop:

A sharp rise in volatility could be driven by just a 3% to 4% one-day S&P 500 selloff. Right now the risk is greatest in the VIX complex, and demand for VIX FUTURES from three main sources could result in 100,000 contracts to buy in a down 3.5% SPX move.
For context VIX futures ADV over the last year is 230,000 (although vega) has risen to as high as 700,000 in big selloffs).

As MS’ Chris Metli further explained, should the S&P fall 3.5%, “first, the VIX could rise as much as 12 points. When volatility is low it tends to move a lot for a given change in the S&P 500. That effect is likely to be exacerbated now because a) skew is steep and b) many players in the VIX market are short. Taking these dynamics into account QDS estimates VIX could rise ~12 points for a 3.5% 1-day decline in SPX.”

He also notes that If the VIX rises 12 points, 1-month VIX FUTURES are likely up 5.5 points, a ~50% increase. The 1-day percentage change is a big deal in the VIX complex because the levered and inverse VIX ETFs and ETNs rebalance daily based on the percentage change, and some of the thresholds for forced unwinds are based on the percentage change.

This is the forced deleveraging scenario, where surging VIX forces vol sellers to unwind, and buy more VIX, creating a feedback loop, that Jeff Gundlach envisioned earlier this week.

Playtech’s Sportsbetting Division launches a New Terminal

Playtech Sportsbetting Division launches an exciting new service prior to the opening of the new football season
Playtech BGT Sports the leading provider of sports betting solutions has upgraded its Self- Service Betting Terminal features just days before the new football season kicks off.

PBS new technology delivered a noteworthy improvement for customers through its fresh terminals in the last year, and the new campaign will witness the launch of a new goalscorer coupon, as well as Asian handicap betting for the first time, with both products set to significantly improve coupon producing for customers.

The prime discount will emphasize a list of the most likely scorers throughout multiple prevalent matches, following recent statistics suggesting anytime scorer betting is now outstripping first scorer bets by almost three to one. s.

b will enable operators to drive greater incremental revenue this year, with little cannibalization of their over-the-counter products.

In-play customers will also see an improved service, with a greater range of fits present across hundreds of recently- installed terminals across Europe.

In-play customers will also see an improved service, with a greater range of matches present across hundreds of recently- set up terminals observant la prime position for TV coverage.

Basic Facts About Playtech

Playtech is the world’s largest online video gaming software supplier traded on the Greater London Stock Exchange Main Market, offering advanced, value added solutions to the industry’s leading operators. Since Playtech’s inception it happened in 1999, its approach has been centered on the continual development of best-of-breed gaming companies content, and its success built strong partnerships with Playtech’s licensees.

Gaming Products & Software Solutions
Playtech’s gaming solution can easily be integrated into an exciting platform, allowing players to gain access to online, broadcast, mobile and server-based casino games using 1 account. Prominent online gaming software programs include an online casino, poker, bingo, gambling, live casino gaming, simple and fixed changes games.

Cross-Platform Management System
The cross-platform functionality runs through one database called the IMS, which supplies operators with the tools to take full advantage of cross-selling options, player loyalty, and yield. The turnkey operational support package includes a thorough selection of market-leading tools and services, made to improve the overall performance of any kind of gambling operation.

Regulation Services
The solutions and services merged with Playtech’s frame of mind to dominate marketplace regulation establish Playtech as the supreme one-stop shop for gambling providers. Playtech’s unwavering commitment to conference laws within current jurisdictions and groundbreaking policy toward new controlled markets plays an important function in Playtech’s ongoing success.

Playtech’s licensees incorporate established online operators, sportsbooks and entertainment brand names seeking to upgrade or broaden their offering, including Betfair, bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and Sky.
Find Italian Playtech Casinos in


Playtech Leads The Regulation Trend in Online Gambling

As the online gambling industry expands into new frontiers and gains momentum in un-mined markets, a vast potential player base is opening up. Yet with these exciting revenue opportunities, come the challenges of meeting the strict protocols of a range of international regulatory bodies.
Playtech’s success, establishing itself in Italy with the network testifies to this extensive experience in penetrating new markets. The Italian poker network has the region’s top four gaming operators on board and fully complies with the prescriptions for online gambling. outlined by Italy’s regulatory body, the AAMS

To take advantage of these developments, operators need a reputable partner with global credentials, experienced in the penetration of new markets.As the world’s largest publicly traded company working extensively in regulated gambling markets, Playtech has proven an unwavering dedication to meeting all the regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which its licensees are active.

Few Predictions Regarding the Future of Online Poker in The USA

After winnings rose by 32 % for New Jersey online casino operators in 2016, that growth might be cut by 50% in 2017 following the leveling off of internet poker gaming, according to a report by the industry researchers.
. The state Division of Gaming Enforcement reported last month that the online revenues, or “winnings,” for the state casino industry was $196.7 million in 2016, up 32.1 % from 2015. But despite innovations like “live casino games”, that growth will slow to approximately 17 percent for 2017, Since one of online gambling’s biggest money winners is poker, and most of the 7 million adults in New Jersey who are likely to play poker online are already playing. In its analysis of New Jersey’s slowing online poker market, Eilers & Krejcik cites New Jersey law only permitting play at Garden State virtual casinos by people physically within state boundaries, limiting the pool of players.  one way to expand the pool would be for New Jersey to enter into an agreement with the two other states that also allow online poker, Delaware, and Nevada, as those states have already done with each other. But even those two states’ online casinos are struggling to fill their virtual tables with enough real players, Grove said, and adding New Jersey to the mix still might not be sufficient for what he called “a healthy online poker environment. What really should happen for online poker to flourish, would be a decision by New York and Pennsylvania to allow online card games. Those two states are now considering the legislation, if this happens, things will look a little different.
tax on all gambling winnings in New Jersey supports programs for the elderly and disabled, with online gambling taxed at nearly twice the rate of winnings at physical casinos — 15%  v. 8%.
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Playtech’s LIVE CASINO HTML5 product is very successful

Playtech the leading online gaming content and software provider –  reports that LIVE CASINO HTML5 roulette product is very successful. The game, which has been launched across the entire network of Playtech’s casinos, is considered as an entirely new generation product, which is why it is expected to help the company increase its influence in the live gaming market even more.

Playtech also reported that the majority of players have decided to migrate to the improved roulette version within two days of the live HTML5 roulette product release.

New players are able to easily play live roulette on mobile and tablet in either portrait or landscape mode while simultaneously being able to see their bets at the same time as the roulette wheel is spinning.

Several rounds of intensive user testing and feedback enabled the Playtech live casino team to significantly enhance and re-redesign UI and overall gaming experience. As a result, the mobile user interface contains simple and simple navigation, clearer and perfectly position to ned play and feature buttons and an ideal personalised view of the live action and table layout no matter what viewing format you choose.

Evolution’s Immersive Roulette Crowned ‘Game Of The Year’ in 2014

Immersive Roulette is a game for online Live Casinos. Evolution’s Immersive Roulette Crowned ‘Game Of The Year’ in 2014 at the 10th annual EGROperator Awards in 2014.
Immersive Lite is a customizable version of Evolution’s award-winning Immersive Roulette. As in Immersive Roulette, multiple HD cameras are stationed around the table and dealer in a Hollywood-style studio set-up. Close-up views and auto-cutting sequences allow players to enjoy a realistic and engaging live gaming experience as they follow every spin of the wheel and movement of the ball. However, with Immersive Lite, the multi-camera installation and the visual presentation of the Live online Roulette game – including cutaway shots to other tables to heighten the Live Casino atmosphere.

Evolution’s Immersive Roulette is a unique live dealer casino that uses a Hollywood studio-style multi-camera studio set-up to recreate for online players the close-up action and fun of playing Roulette in a real casino.
Multiple HD cameras capture every movement of the ball in the live wheel in 200 frames-per-second live videos, with various random auto camera sequences keeping the presentation of every spin fresh and different. Close-up views are followed by slow motion replays, so players never miss a split-second of the action.




IXWebHosting. com is primarily a shared hosting provider, but with one important difference: its services are geared towards SEO. By providing customers with their own dedicated IP addresses, all websites are ready to accept e-commerce transactions. In addition, sites with dedicated IPs could well be given an advantage in the search engines.

Based in Columbus, Ohio in e-commercehe company was founded by Fathi Said who is still the CEO. Said claimed the company hosted more than a quarter of a million websites in 2007, so five years on, it’s likely that they host considerably more. Fathi Said is also the CEO of Host Excellence as part of the Ecommerce Inc group.

IXWebHosting. com Hosting Plans
Let’s look at shared hosting first of all. When comparing IXWebHosting. com plans, consider whether you need per dedicated IP, either for SEO or ecommerce. If you do, their plans will be of interest.

The Expert, Business Plus and Unlimited Pro price plans step up incrementally in price. All include unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains with the option of Linux or Windows hosting. In addition, you get those all-important free IPs: two on the low-cost plan, three on the medium plan and 15 on the top-priced plan. You’ll also get one, two or three free domain names. Beware though: Cpanel and Plesk aren’t included.

IXWebHosting. com presents its plans in the wrong order on the shared hosting page, so take care. They promote the most expensive plan in the centre of the page.

Next up are IXWebHosting. com’s VPS plans. There are three, all Linux based. The limits they place on resources are fairly standard, and you can choose either Cpanel or Plesk: both are self-installs. Unlimited domain hosting is included, and all plans include two dedicated IPs.

IXWebHosting. com also offers four cloud hosting plans with your choice of Linux OS, two dedicated IPs and either Cpanel or Plesk.

IXWebHosting. com Uptime/Downtime

IXWebHosting. com runs its own tier 3 (N+1) data centre in Ohio. the company does not share its building with anyone else, although it’s formally run through Ecommerce Inc. The facility has two backup generators and protection against server outages. They offer a 99. 9% uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard at this level.

The company also takes backups of customer data, although it isn’t clear how often these backups are performed. Software automatically monitors the network, scans for malware and automatically removes any malicious code it finds.

IXWebHosting. com Support

IXWebHosting. com makes the impressive claim of offering the best support in the web hosting industry. They assign a Personal Support Rep – a named individual – to every customer, helping them handle technical problems, billing issues and more. The name of the IXWebHosting. com support rep is even included in the control panel, and any new tickets that are logged are flagged up to that person as they come osservando la.

This is quite an ambitious approach to support; IXWebHosting. com even provides access to Personal Support Reps via social media.

On the Support page, users are given various email addresses to contact the relevant department if they have questions. There’s also access to support via telephone (toll-free in the US, regular if outside the US) and live chat, plus video tutorials, FAQs and a manual. The company’s social media pages are active; staff provide support through Twitter and Facebook, and they also have a YouTube channel.

IXWebHosting. com in the News

IXWebHosting. com doesn’t appear to have hit the headlines, although their parent company has had its controversies. As far as this particular branch of the operation goes, I didn’t find any verified, reliable reports of hacks, downtime or vulnerabilities.

IXWebHosting. com Control Panel

VPS and cloud customers can choose Cpanel or Plesk, but shared hosting customers are denied either. Instead, they’re provided with Psoft H-Sphere which is considerably less attractive and more basic than Cpanel. Although H-Sphere is only provided on shared accounts, I found it a fair bit more difficult to navigate and understand than the industry standard tools. There is a live demo on the site if you want to try it out.

IXWebHosting. com Extras

The free IPs and domain names are a major selling point for IXWebHosting. com. There’s not a lot else in addition.

On the Shared plans customers get Google Adwords credit ($25, $50 or $75), one-click installers, a one-click photo gallery install and between one and three free domains. Customers also have access to per site builder tool.

There are no obvious freebies on the Cloud or VPS hosting plans.

IXWebHosting. com Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

IXWebHosting. com offers a free 7-day trial in addition to two money-back guarantees.

The first is a 30-day money back guarantee which provides a refund of hosting and setup fees, although domain name costs and over-limit fees are not included.

Additionally, they offer the ‘Anytime’ guarantee. This allows you to request a refund of your current month’s fees, plus any future fees, although not fees due in the current billing cycle. Setup fees aren’t included in this refund policy, and nor are domain name or over-limit fees. Customers who pay via Alipay are excluded from this guarantee clause.

Cancellations must be requested via their contact form on the Support page.

IXWebHosting. com Summary

When comparing IXWebHosting. com’s plans with other shared hosting providers, consider whether you need a dedicated IP. If you do, you might save per fair chunk of cash simply because you won’t need to pay top-up fees for your IP addresses, and the SEO advantages of having those IPs will appeal to some people with specialised needs.

The plans are otherwise fairly unremarkable, although capable enough for the price, and the support department’s commitment to personal service is very impressive if true. The ‘anytime’ money-back guarantee is also a step up from other hosts in the same price band.

With this review, if the user decides to proceed with the purchase of the service, the owner of this blog will receive a fee.
Ixwebhosting Review

Introduction to Mobile Marketing Methodology

To be able to have a customer-centric methodology to mobile engagement, companies seek to detect consumer context instantly, collect mobile information, and develop targeting across all stations. Captivate puts consumer insight and customized interactions at the guts of your company’s mobile marketing initiatives with advanced, device-based engagement reasoning.

Instead of the annoying obstruction of ads the whole day, customized mobile engagement possibilities use context to offer relevance. Closeness is an opening position but is an extremely poor leading signal until it is mixed with the circumstance gleaned from smartphones, as well as circumstances like the date, shopping habits and time.
Mobile is a unique opportunity. Do not have we’d the opportunity to be on a device so individualized, so critical to your customers’ way of life. To cash in on the potential of mobile, producers and businesses must treat it as though it were a romantic relationship by personalizing encounters in ways nothing you’ve seen prior available. Build deep mobile interactions with users.

Supercharge mobile conversions combined with individualized promotions Instead

Deliver a PREMIUM mobile experience to your most appreciated customers Mobile can be an opportunity like no other.

Apps are actually a fundamental element of our daily small-occasions, with customers spending typically 30 hours monthly in them, according to Studies.

Apps are also a robust method for brands to create deeper relationships using their customers. A mobile application marketing strategy can enhance a brand’s offline experience (in-store special deals, for example), drive e-commerce, or just help connect a brand name with its faithful customers. Along with mobile websites, they’ve become essential to both consumers and business owners.

Just how can brands best utilize these huge app-consuming audiences? To learn how individuals are using apps, we conducted research with Ipsos MediaCT. Surveying 8,470 people who have smartphones who experienced used apps in the last week, we uncovered new insights into what drives consumers to set up and build relationships mobile apps. For example, one in four installed applications is never used, relating to our research. So, what can cause people to give up an app?.

Marketers may assume that consumers check out an app store to find new apps-and a good part do. In fact, 40% of smartphone users search for apps in application stores. They stay a favorite way to find new apps, from the latest in video gaming to fitness monitoring, music streaming, plus much more. App stores aren’t the only path to find apps, though.

People are learning about applications in all sorts of instances when using their smartphones-when they’re engaged within an app, searching for another specific app, viewing a YouTube video, or even browsing a mobile website. Search is a significant source for app discovery, according to your research: One in four application users discovers an app through search. Say, for example, a company traveler must travel to Miami on brief notice and must find a spot to stay.
Discovery through a search engine is particularly prevalent for local apps, as will be the tech (looking for reviews of new devices, for example) and travel (such as attempting to confirm trip details) categories. In these three categories, people are 26% (local), 59% (technology), and 30% (travel) more likely than the common to use search to get the apps they seek.

For marketers, this implies ensuring your app sticks out wherever smartphone users want to find out apps highly relevant to their interests. And with Statista2 reporting that over 3 million mobile apps are designed for download, that factor is more important than ever before in the current flooded application market.

How will you get the app noticed? You are able to increase presence by concentrating your app advertising on the consumer experience created for downloads, using mobile app install campaigns, for example. This way, your brand can reach broader audiences while looking for an application much like yours. Furthermore to search, increasing your marketing campaign across ad types that drive app installations, including screen and video, can help people discover your applications anywhere.

HotelsCombined, for example, launched Google Search and AdMob to its mobile application online marketing strategy in 2014. Downloads of its app, which compares hotel prices across a huge selection of sites and apps for destinations all around the globe, increased 150% from July to August, and there is a 20% less expensive per acquisition than on some other network. By applying Google’s search and display app promotion promotions, HotelsCombined helped people discover its app on a worldwide scale.

People consider apps to help ease their daily grind. And they are much more likely to utilize them if they provide a particular purpose. Our research exposed that two in three use an application frequently when it simplifies their lives. For instance, you may use a retail app, such as that of Walgreens’, to consider deals-sale items and coupons-while you’re shopping in-store. Apps could be very helpful throughout a customer’s purchase trip. Actually, one in two app users becomes to these to find information in regards to a business or product or to make a purchase.

The flip side is that applications may also be abandoned soon after that transaction. Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed said they’re more likely to download an application when it’s necessary to complete a purchase. Once they’ve completed that purchase, however, fifty percent will uninstall that just-downloaded app and move ahead.

Mobile application engagement advertisements can help remind users about your app’s value and have them back again to your app. Suppose someone is going to take part in a marathon and requires a pair of running shoes so she looks for “women’s jogging shoes.” Since it works out, she already has a shopping app installed on her behalf smartphone that she used to discover a lightweight running coat last summer time. The same application could get in touch with her through a mobile app engagement ad (across search and screen), reminding her of its existence and alerting her to a discount on running shoes.

Another way to help people find what they’re looking for is with the addition of deep links to your ads. In this manner, the mobile application engagement advertisement links to the most relevant elements of your app. Take that shopping app we just pointed out, for example. A deep hyperlink could bring that marathoner right to entries inside the application for jogging shoes for women.

Delivering Integrated Personalized Experiences Through Localization, where you are matters as much as who you are. Mobile technology has unlocked the promise of personalization – and the path to personalization follows the localization of content, campaigns, and calls to action.


Featured online casino : william hill

As you probably know, is powered by Playtech software. The technology is from Playtech group which powers hundreds of online gambling sites, it provides a solid and reliable software platform. The software is fast, reliable, and is marked by some very nice graphics and above-average execution. The casino is available in both download and Html5 formats and the functionality is stellar in both. Their live casino games, in particular, is well presented and very engaging.

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