Bitcoin brings a renaissance to online Poker In The USA

Playing online poker in the USA has become remarkably difficult over the past years, due to legislation that banned online as a form of unlawful Internet gambling rather than the game of skill that it is These limitations have induced major poker operators to cease accepting players from the USA.


The dispute around online poker in the United States will continue to rage on, as many players who went pro playing online poker have since defected to the daily fantasy sports industry, with many of the principles that brought their poker success applying to those games as well. The validity of keeping one of those similar games legal while banning the other will always be questionable, but that is just how it is for those who simply want to play poker in America right now.

by a combination of blacklisting some poker sites or banning banking transactions related to those poker rooms, preventing players in those countries from doing what they want with their own money.

Fortunately for mobile poker players in the United States, a Messiah appears to be growing in popularity, allowing more and more Americans to play online poker again. That Messiah is bitcoin, which is continuing to grow in value while simultaneously gaining market cap.Bitcoin succeeds where other funding methods fail


Right now, mobile poker can be played for real money using bitcoin, Namecoin, dogecoin at dozens of poker sites that can circumvent banking restrictions imposed by the US government.
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