Weekly Market News Highlights

Last week, the EUR/USD dropped more than 100 pips. The European currency has been under a lot of pressure since the German ZEW Economic sentiment showed that the strongest EU economy is slowing down. The data from Friday (German Ifo Business Climate), caused the EUR/USD to slide below its support and touch the 1.3612 level – the lowest since February 13th. This week will start with low volatility, as the U.S. market remains closed due to a public holiday. However, traders should keep an eye on the GfK German Consumer Climate which will be released this morning. On Tuesday, the U.S Core Durable Goods Orders and CB Consumer Confidence will be announced. On Thursday, some of the EU markets will be closed due to public holidays, so there may be lower volatility again.

The USD/JPY pair slightly reversed its downwards movement during the second half of last week and climbed up to the 102 level. The pair moved down as the Yen strengthened due to positive economic data and speculations about a possible ease in additional monetary stimulus. However, the Japanese economic recovery is still weak and might need the stimulus. That’s why there is a slight bullish movement. This week, traders should watch the Japanese Retail Sales data and Kuroda’s speech (Wednesday) and Tokyo Core CPI (Thursday). The inflation data is expected to increase by 2.9%. If the inflation remains low, the pair is expected to rise.

Gold has remained in a sideways movement and ranged between $1,283/ounce and $1,305/ounce. The overall equilibrium seems to be around $1,295/ounce. The price reacted several times on escalating tension in Ukraine and Thailand. Also, the price fell several times because of positive U.S. data but always managed to climb back up. The price is around $1,295/ounce. Traders should watch the U.S. Core Durable Goods Orders, CB Consumer Confidence and GDP data (Thursday).

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Financial Quarterly Report

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union came as a shock, causing economic uncertainty in both the UK and EU. However, the post-Brexit economic data showed no clear signs of a sharp economic slowdown widely predicted by analysts, while some results appeared even more positive than expected. The Office for National Statistics reported UK retail sales rose 6.2% year-over-year in August, following the preceding month’s upwardly revised 6.3% gain and remaining resilient as British consumers ignored the Brexit vote. Furthermore, the ONS revealed that Britain’s trade deficit narrowed by 1.1 billion pounds to 4.5 billion pounds in July, compared to June’s upwardly revised reading of 5.6 billion pounds; however, the drop was mainly driven by the weaker Sterling as it supported UK exports, making them rise 1.9% in the reported month.

Moreover, the Markit/CIPS Services PMI for the UK advanced to 52.9 in August from the previous month’s 47.6, as well as the UK Manufacturing PMI jumped to 53.3 in the same month after declining to 48.3 points in July, showing signs of recovery from the post-Brexit shock. Nevertheless, the weak PMI data for July, together with the Consumer Confidence that came in at -12 in July and other disappointing economic indicators released after the referendum, forced the Bank of England to cut its interest rates for the first time since 2009 at its August meeting. Back then, the Bank’s policymakers voted anonymously to maintain the Central bank’s benchmark interest rate at its new, historically low level of 0.25%. Furthermore, they voted 9-0 to leave the Central bank’s bond-buying program target level at 435 billion pounds as well as to stick to its new plan to buy up to 10 billion pounds of high-grade corporate bonds.

Back in August, the Bank revised down its Q3 GDP growth forecast to 0.1%, which was afterward revised up to 0.3% at its September meeting. The BoE’s policymakers also signaled that they were likely to vote for further cuts if necessary. The ultimate impact of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU remains unclear as economic indicators suggest a mixed picture, with monthly inflation staying at 0.6% in August and consumer confidence coming in at -7 in the same month.

Our Experts Afternoon Forex Overview‏


Community Forecast
Jignesh on GBP/USD
“Though it is quite likely that Brexit fears are exaggerated, the market continues to put pressure on the GBP. Last week the pair pierced through major support at 1.4050 and took steps with it. The downside here continues to be supported by the monthly bullish engulfing candle, though this is likely to be the last week the pair will look to be bid as the brief bullish sentiment of May continues to negate over time.”
Dukascopy Technical Analysis
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AUD/USD poised for another rally
“The Fed has already indicated its reluctance to hike and is very unlikely to hike to defend the currency. If anything, they seem to be cheering any weakness the U.S. dollar encounters.”
– Citigroup Inc. (based on Bloomberg)
The Aussie received a boost from an increase in oil prices yesterday, which allowed the given pair to overtake the immediate resistance, but the impetus provided was insufficient to maintain trade above the 0.76 level.
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