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Browse news and quotes for dozens of commodity futures, or select a commodity for charting and rate data. USD 10.00 plus 11 % taxes. As of May 15, 2017: USD 11.00 plus 11 % taxes. Except for the LUXOR which doesn’t allow pets.

The benefits of the petrodollar system to the U.S. dollar are indeed difficult to overstate.

US dollar news for 15/05/2017

Sterling lost almost a fifth of its value between June 2016, post Brexit, and November.Related link:

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CFDs Explained With Examples Contracts For Differences (CFDs) are one of the more popular derivatives in the financial world

CFDs Explained With Examples Contracts For Differences (CFDs) are one of the more popular derivatives in the financial world. That being the case, there are still many who do not understand how CFDs work, or even what they are used for. Although no firm figures are available as trading is over-the-counter, it is estimated that CFD related hedging accounts for somewhere between 20% and 40% the volume on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). A number of people in the industry back the view that a third of all LSE volume is CFD related. The LSE does not monitor the numbers but the original 25% estimate as quoted by many people, appears to have come from a LSE spokesperson. As a member of PhillipCapital, Phillip CFD is proud to be the first stockbroker to introduce CFDs to Singapore. Since 2003, we have taken the initiative to bring in a wide suite of products to enhance our clients’ investment universe, one of which is the Singapore Straits Times Index CFD to allow clients to track and trade the underlying Singapore market. Phillip CFD also offers over 400 Singapore listed shares CFD, which is the most extensive in Singapore, and many other shares from Asia and USA. Phillip CFD also won the award of being Singapore’s largest CFD provider by market share for 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013. The contract for difference, as the name implies, is a contract between a buyer and a broker or other selling institution to exchange the difference between the purchase price on the contract and the price at which it is sold. Buying or selling a CFD serves as a proxy for buying or selling an underlying asset, without the need to actually exchange the asset. Certain markets require minimum amounts of capital to day trade, or place limits on the amount of day trades that can be made within certain accounts. The CFD market is not bound by these restrictions, and traders can day trade if they wish. Accounts can often be opened for as little as $1,000, although $2,000 and $5,000 are also common minimum deposit requirements.related articles:

Hikvision’s IP-Based Surveillance Solutions

When choosing your outdoor IP camera, decide if you want to invest in a complete HD system or an SD IP camera as an alternative. Featuring PTZ, Dome, and Box camera models with Full HD or 13MP resolution, they deliver a wide visual field and impressive image quality even in low light.
Hikvision provides very long range optical camera system is a night vision PTZ IP camera system that includes a high-resolution IP camera, very long zoom lens, and special laser IR illuminator to allow you to see details that are over 2 miles away.
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HikVision network cameras are compatible for remote viewing using Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile cell phones. The vast majority of home security cameras today have mobile apps, and many focus entirely on those apps for doing everything.Hikvision cameras present live video and audio feed that you can access remotely using an internet browser.
If the cameras themselves are geared up with cellular transmitters, they do not even require a LAN to be in place, so there’s nearly no installation required. IP camera systems embody not only the cameras, they also include the video recording system, camera lenses, enclosures, network switches and PoE injectors, surge protectors, and analytic software program. Most home security cameras use cloud services to store and provide remote access to the footage. Internet cameras let you connect to the internet via a broadband network and remotely view live video from any web browser anyplace in the world. Network attached PTZ cameras can be used in a variety of applications. Multi-megapixel resolutions of up to 60 MP ensure the high definition images from our IP bullet cameras provide the detail you need. These types of cameras, however, can be quite expensive, especially when transmitting high-quality video. The following list is a brief review of seven of the best outdoor IP cameras on the market today.

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PoE Power over Ethernet to supply power via the Ethernet cable and operate without a dedicated power supply. The camera connects to a 12volt DC cable for powering the camera.
Progressive scanning, which allows better quality images extracted from the video, especially for moving targets. They all deliver high definition recording and video preview with wonderful image quality.

Get Hikvision cameras and networked devices for your home or businesses IP-based surveillance solutions from the best supplier today.

The Public Protection Surveillance Camera System

The public protection Surveillance Camera system (also known as CCTV) is one of the tools used to tackle crime and anti-social behavior.The UK is recognized around the world as a leading user of CCTV and the public is used to seeing CCTV cameras on virtually every street corner.CCTV cameras.The public protection Surveillance Camera system helps reduce the fear of crime and deter crime it also helps reduce vandalism and anti-social behavior

The Latest NVR Model From Hikvision

Hikvision 7716NI-SP/16DS NVR is able to offer 16-channel video simultaneously playback at 1080p resolution.

H.265+ substantially reduces the bitrate of the surveillance video – and radically reduces the bandwidth and storage costs, too. Hikvision H.265+ is an optimized encoding technology based on the standard H.265/HEVC compression. This new line of cameras includes models with 2 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP and 8 MP resolutions. These cameras also feature improved EXIR 2.0” Infrared technology, new low-light technology, 120 dB WDR, expanded Smart analytics, and IP67 protection.{}

Although both DVR and NVR are recorders for the video surveillance system, but the NVR doesn’t provide the video recording function. After receiving the digital video data from cameras, the NVR writes the data on HDD directly. Compared with DVR, there is no video compression process needed. However, the same as the DVR, the NVR is also responsible for decoding the video. Decoding process happens when users playback the recorded video footage. The performance of NVR’s core processor will determine how many channels the NVR can playback simultaneously. For example,

Hikvision showcases Smart innovations, products, and technologies for reliable solutions

Hikvision showcases Smart innovations, products, and technologies for reliable solutions – at Secutech India 2017

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will be showcasing their latest Smart innovations, products, and technologies suitable for Smart city, banking, Energy, intelligent traffic, education and building applications – at Secutech India, Mumbai, 6-8 April 2017.

Illustrating that Hikvision is not simply a video surveillance manufacturer but a total end-to-end system solutions provider, the company will be showing their full range of products, and Pyronix home & business intruder alarm ranges. Along with providing highly effective security and safety at every level, Hikvision products can also enhance critical operational and business intelligence.

Latest innovations
Now available throughout Hikvision’s Easy IP range, including the EXIR series and DarkFighter series, Hikvision will demonstrate their proprietary H.265+ video compression technology. By significantly reducing the bit rate and associated bandwidth usage, H.265+ supports system operators by maximizing the impact of their available budgets, but without compromising on image quality.
Hikvision pioneers in Deep Learning technology into video security. One example at Secutech India is its Deep Sight Series Smart Cameras. Optimized with the deep learning algorithm, the cameras excel in amazing feature extraction and are able to do Smart event detection in complex environments.
Providing an efficient solution for places where humans would find it difficult to access, such as forest fires, high-voltage power grids, and natural disasters, Hikvision will show their latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

‘All-in-one’ PanoVu series & thermal cameras
Designed for wide-area security monitoring applications, on show will be Hikvision’s latest PanoVu Series cameras. Combining 8MP/16MP sensors with a high-powered PTZ camera, PanoVu allows end-users to replace or support multiple cameras with just one 180, or 360-degree view camera, delivering a highly detailed panoramic display.

Also on show will be a new Thermal camera range. Available in static and PTZ versions, thermal only, or thermal and video imaging with 36x optical zoom, their thermal imaging capability extends to up to 1,200m at resolutions up to 640 x 512 pixels, no matter what the light level or weather conditions.

New technologies
The new Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 range features H.265+ efficient compression technology, which promotes the use of ultra HD video surveillance solutions using 4K cameras, as well as 2, 3, 5 and 8-megapixel models – which are all available in the Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 range.

Hikvision will also show their highly acclaimed Turbo HD 4.0 Solution, which upgrades an analog system to 8 MP-resolution, make high-definition surveillance systems possible without the need to replace existing coaxial cables.

Hikvision expert will speak on the new technologies at the Hikvision booth each day at 12 am and 3 pm.
“Hikvision’s success is achieved through its multifaceted collaboration with its business partners, extensive application customization, and the availability of local technical and customer support experts,” says Tony Du, General Manager for Hikvision India. “Alongside intelligent technologies and products, visitors will also gain an introduction to Hikvision’s complete end-to-end solutions, for example, the Smart Retail solution and Smart Traffic solution, to name just a few.”

Hikvision launched the latest generation integrated NVR

Hikvision Global provider of innovative solutions and video surveillance products launched two new series of high-performance integrated NVRs and professional standard with X86 architecture and Intel chipsets.

Suitable for applications of medium and large scale and offering support for multiple HD inputs, the new NVR integrated the latest generation of Hikvision offers outstanding decoding capability, the DS-96000NI-I24 with support for up to 20 cameras resolution HD (1080p ) for simultaneous display and playback, while the DS-96000NI-I24 / H supports up to 68 cameras resolution HD (1080p) for simultaneous playback and display. In addition, the bandwidth capacity input/output is enhanced 576Mbps / 512Mbps and 768Mbps / 768Mbps respectively, making it possible to serve more cameras.

  1. icontrolsystems 128 CHANNELs NVR
  2. icontrolsystems 16 CHANNELs NVR
  3. icontrolsystems 256 CHANNELs NVR
  4. icontrolsystems 32 CHANNELs NVR
  5. icontrolsystems 4 CHANNELs NVR
  6. icontrolsystems 64 CHANNELs NVR
  7. icontrolsystems 8 CHANNELs NVR

NVR are recorders for Network surveillance IP cameras

NVR are recorders for Network surveillance IP cameras that use an ethernet to transmit video, data, and power. The modern NVRs support recording of up to 64 network cameras simultaneously, with resolutions up to 12 megapixels. Today most NVRs are equipped with a built-in POE switch that makes them connections truly plug-n-play surveillance systems. Modern DVRs have sought-after features such as motion activated recording, motion alerts to smartphones and tablets, easy video backup, multiple video outputs, and video security software for PC,  MAC, and mobile devices.


Monitor, record, playback and control from anywhere with any device.

Free HikVision software and apps for any device… iPhone, iPad, OSX, Android or Windows.

HikVision Software Apps

Find 4 channels NVRs in icontrolsystems

Find 16 channels NVRs in icontrolsystems

Find 8 Channels NVRs in icontrolsystems

About Hikvision DS-7608NI NVR

 8 channel nvr Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8PIf you’re looking for a top quality 8 channel NVR then Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8P   is our recommendation. The DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A is Hikvision’s latest edition to the fantastically popular DS-76 range of NVRs, this updated version for 2015 has all the great features of the original DS-76 series NVR but now supports PoE+ devices with a total of 120W available via its 8 built-in PoE plug and play ports. The series now sports a new updated record rate allowing for up to 200Mbts recording (DS-7632NI/E2) and lastly now has a 4CIF live view and 8 channel playback.

The Hikvision the DS-7608NI-E2/8P is an Embedded Plug & Play 8 channel NVR from Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions, Using Hikvision’s 7608NI you can Record video and audio from up to 8 network IP camera, Main features include multiple recording and playback modes, two-way audio, and HDMI and VGA monitoring output. Record and playback in up to 5-megapixel resolution using Hikvision or 3rd-party network camera like ACTI, PANASONIC, Arecont, AXIS, Bosch, Brickcom, Canon, Pelco, PSIA, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY, Vivotek, and ZAV. The 7608NI NVR features two SATA interfaces each supporting up to a 4TB HDD

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HikVision launched ultra-high-resolution Network Cameras

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions,  Hikvision’s range of Smart IP cameras is boosted with the launch of the ultra-high-resolution DS-2CD4065F-(A) Network Box Camera. This industry-leading design boasts a large 6-megapixel sensor that delivers razor-sharp 3072 x 2048 images at 25 fps.

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