Esports betting: a new revenue stream for the gambling industry–

with eSports Pre-Match Betting Markets from Betradar
Betradar has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Electronic
Sports League (ESL), which enables Betradar to provide you with pre-match
betting markets for thousands of matches across different games
including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends
(LOL) and StarCraft II. Over time, Betradar will increase their portfolio of
games and markets offered continuously.
Esports Odds Suggestions from Betradar include not only common
markets such as 2way, 3way, and Totals but also game specific markets
such as First Tower, Knife Round Winner or First Round Winner.
Thanks to accurate official data delivered in real-time by ESL,
Betradar will also offer specially designed Live Odds markets.
Players can currently bet on LoL with bitcoin,(CoD) Call of Duty Betting / CS Go Sportsbooks, there are several betting sites that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies/altcoins.
Top popular games
1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS GO
2 Dota 2
3 League of Legends LOL
4 StarCraft II
5 Call of Duty Cod
6 Overwatch

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