Have you ever heard of Weekly Options?

I always loved what options offered.  The ability to control large positions of a stock, for a fraction of the price and take advantage of short-term moves.  Plus, when we add Mike’s options super powers (his 5 ways of succeeding on every trade) it really stacked the odds in our favor with options.
I got excited though when Mike started sharing with me the potential income opportunities with Weekly Options (instead of monthly.)  Anytime I can seek out more trading activity and implement on a faster turnaround I start to see the potential.
I asked Mike to put together a short Weekly Options report for all of you.  You might know that the markets are a tad let’s say ‘dull’ right now (typical summer behavior), but Mike has cracked the code on how to Generate Income despite the dull market.
Grab Your “How to Generate Consistent Income in All Market Conditions with Weekly Options” Report HERE
Mike takes you through exactly how he does it.  He includes five key steps you should follow and walks you through a trade he just completed.  I think you’re going to love the report AND Weekly Options once you learn more about them.
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