Hikvision launched the latest generation integrated NVR

Hikvision Global provider of innovative solutions and video surveillance products launched two new series of high-performance integrated NVRs and professional standard with X86 architecture and Intel chipsets.

Suitable for applications of medium and large scale and offering support for multiple HD inputs, the new NVR integrated the latest generation of Hikvision offers outstanding decoding capability, the DS-96000NI-I24 with support for up to 20 cameras resolution HD (1080p ) for simultaneous display and playback, while the DS-96000NI-I24 / H supports up to 68 cameras resolution HD (1080p) for simultaneous playback and display. In addition, the bandwidth capacity input/output is enhanced 576Mbps / 512Mbps and 768Mbps / 768Mbps respectively, making it possible to serve more cameras.

  1. icontrolsystems 128 CHANNELs NVR
  2. icontrolsystems 16 CHANNELs NVR
  3. icontrolsystems 256 CHANNELs NVR
  4. icontrolsystems 32 CHANNELs NVR
  5. icontrolsystems 4 CHANNELs NVR
  6. icontrolsystems 64 CHANNELs NVR
  7. icontrolsystems 8 CHANNELs NVR

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