Introduction to bitcoin poker

Betting with actual money is now a thing of the past. With the advent of cryptography, pseudoanonymity and crypto-currencies, it is now more convenient and safer to play online Poker and other online gambling games regardless of your whereabouts. Why risk the chances of getting spied on when you can use virtual currency like Bitcoin to enjoy online gambling.

IN CASE you haven’t got a clue what a Bitcoin is, read along and get ready to be mind-blown by how beneficial it is to use Bitcoin in gambling online.

An easy way to start is to pay by credit card – you’ll find some trustworthy Exchanges to buy Bitcoins with Credit Card on this website.

Are there downsides to playing poker using Bitcoins?
There are downsides but Bitcoin is not the problem. The adoption of online poker websites is. For example, the government might try to interfere and target certain poker sites for violation of applicable federal laws. Major poker sites also haven’t embraced the payment solution yet because of the extra precautionary measures required to send out Bitcoin payments.