Learn about the key differences between stocks and CFD

Learn about the key differences between stocks and CFD trading to decide if they’re suitable for you.

Relative Currency Strength: This will determine the competitiveness of a company to compete in the international arena. If the home country’s currency is strong then wages and production costs are going to be higher so to ensure a profit the cost of the end product is going to get higher too.

To put this further into perspective we have to look at the tulip bulb market in Holland. Here, again there were no short sellers and the value of tulips became as valuable as real property. That until the market instantly revalued the tulip at the price of other vegetables and huge amounts of wealth were lost. source hexatra.com

For any information which is not listed in the order, and which are not by specific regulations defined as mandatory elements of the order or for the information for which it is determined to valid information which that are valid on the market, the Company will be conducted with due professional care, and with the interests of the Client, where the Company does not guarantee that with execution of such an order will be achieved maximum protection of interest or benefit for the Client.

We in Hexatra believe our dedication to understanding our clients and listening to what they need is what sets us apart from the competition. We examine all feedback that we receive from our clients and prioritize this in our platform and service development. If there is anything that you would like to see or think we could do differently, please get in touch using the feedback window inside the platform under the support tab. All feedback is sent directly to the Head of Product Development.

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