Major Factors That Play a Role in CFD Trading


DMA Account allows the client to enter the pre and post market auctions, as well as to see the exact market execution.

The broker will contact his SBL department to double confirm the asset available for shorting.

However, there is no obligation on an FSA firm to hedge with its own brokers on a client position. In fact, there are two exemptions, Market Maker Exemption and Broker-Dealer Exemption. Market Maker Exemption is for those brokers who are acting as a market maker in the securities.

Broker Exemption is available when a broker firm is a member of the ISE or London Stock Exchange and where shares are acquired as principal. For you, this will mean that if a broker goes bust you will still be able to withdraw your money. UK brokers were first to set up their Asian headquarters under the MAS’s authority, including the likes of, CITY, CMC, GFT and Saxo Bank.

CFD Training providers have been leading the way in introducing clients to brokers not only from Singapore but across Malaysia and Indonesia. If you follow the links, you will arrive at a page for each broker listing its licensed activities and critical information.

Active traders have been the first ones to appreciate this pricing benefit and recognize that it is a favorable alternative to dealing with discount brokerage houses. For simplicity, we did not include the impacts of fees, commissions or spreads, the way your broker makes money on the deal in the first place. Some brokers charge a fixed fee per trade, along with an interest carry the charge for keeping a position open overnight.

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Some also offer Direct Market Access” (DMA), where you can access true market Bid/Ask spreads, but only if you maintain a substantial balance in your account. As far as the FCA’s process surprising the markets and the industry last week, Mr. Hetherington said that things could have been handled in a much more orderly way. An initial margin, which is a pre-determined percentage of the value of the stock to be the traded is deposited with the brokerage.
there many factors that play a role in CFD Trading

In the event that the CFD broker is facing bankruptcy, these segregated funds held in the trust account are legally protected and cannot be used to pay off the broker’s outstanding liabilities. Furthermore, market maker providers are usually able to offer a much larger variety of stocks and indices compared to their DMA counterparts. Obviously, these brokers are acting outside of jurisdictions imposing such restrictions.