My Last Vacation


My friend and I visited Hong Kong for the first time last week. Tom provided a fast-paced, always interesting and quite complete tour of the area with a visit to a delicious dim sum restaurant for lunch. We saw everything on our list and ended the tour feeling as though we were part of the local crowd! If you hold visa card or MasterCard, you can get money at some ATM, and it will charge you some fee, different rate based on different card or country. Most shops and hotels can accept your credit card. And it is better for you to bring some cash with you, and you can change the cash at airport or hotel or bank, especially for USA dollar or Euro dollar, Australia dollar, most banks can accept that, but the change rate will change a little bit.

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport provides both domestic and international flights. Metro line 1 connects the airport to downtown Shenzhen in 50 minutes, (¥5.7). If you arrive on a domestic flight into the domestic flight terminal, follow the signs for buses and take bus M416 (¥2) This bus will bring you to Hourui station on Line 1. The bus takes around 10mins and departs frequently from outside the terminal building.

Taxi meters start at ¥10.00 for the first 2 kilometres, then ¥0.60 for each 250 meters. Late night costs slightly higher. There is a ¥2.00 fuel surcharge added to all fares. Taxis are unusually (for China) well regulated and managed in Shenzhen. It is very rare to have a driver give you problems or take you the long way to your destination. However, be sure that the cab has a license prominently displayed in the plastic stand provided for this purpose on the right-hand dashboard of every cab. If there is no license, get the next cab. Unlike in neighbouring Hong Kong, it is rare to find any drivers who speak English, so be sure to have the names and addresses of your destinations written in Chinese to show your taxi driver. click for source

The Shenzhen Metro is the best way to get around the city, but the buses are good as well, just a little more difficult to navigate. You’ll also find free shuttle buses that run from the immigration building at Louhu to various attractions around the city. If you decide to take a taxi, make sure it has a license in the window. If it doesn’t, get a different one; unlicensed taxis will only cause you problems.

Each year, more and more people come to Shenzhen to try to find employment. As a result, the city has become increasingly crowded. The local government has recently made city-wide environmental improvements in an effort to combat problems caused by overpopulation. In recognition for these improvements, Shenzhen was awarded the Garden City Award in 2000.

You will be picked up by your dedicated English speaking driver at the arrival hall. Your driver will hold a sign up with your name so you will recognize him/her easily. After meeting with the driver, you will be taken to your private luxury van parked inside the airport. The most frequently used vehicle for transfer to Shenzhen is a Toyota Alphard luxury minivan. It is one of the most favourite vehicles used by celebrities and officials because of its spaciousness and comfort.