Tourist Attractions In Shenzhen

Shenzhen has established some artificial ones to attract travelers. Yes, I’ve had to live here for nearly a year before finding some of these places too.

Travel in Shenzhen is relatively cheap, and broadband trains, buses, and interior flights can whisk you quickly to more rural scenic regions of natural splendor inland.

Dapeng New Area is to the southeast of Shenzhen, surrounded by sea on three sides and facing Hong Kong’s New Territories. The well toned open public travel system is both inexpensive and useful. No populous city trip should be with out a visit to a free of charge museum! Shenzhen Museum was opened in 1988 and a combination is contained because of it of historical heirlooms, cultural relics, and archaeological finds. Check out Getting around Shenzhen and Hong Kong Border Crossings, for more detailed information. It’s so easy to write Shenzhen off as a commercial center when it fact it does have a lot to offer visitors too.

It rains more in the summer months between May and September, but you’ll also experience days of clear blue skies to make the most of your visit. Enjoy the “new” Shenzhen when you visit next!. Depending on your expectations, you might find some attractions quite touristy and perhaps even tacky – but that’s the type of Chinese entertainment. There are a true number of long lasting exhibitions showing the history of China and Shenzhen, and a favorite children’s room with interactive video games. Remember to look beyond this, and it’s likely you’ll involve some great experiences and move on to sample the initial and wonderful culture that China offers.

Whether living or visiting in Shenzhen, this post shall introduce a few of the better scenic areas, traditional sites, and themed destinations.

There are convenient maps on most street corners also, that although in Chinese will provide you with a common sense of your way and location. It’s mountainous, is and forested looking to reinvent itself as an “ecological tourism holiday resort”. When you have a complete tourist visa, you might be better spending a few days in Shenzhen followed by a trip to the neighboring provinces to see the “real” China. You can easily spend a couple of hours here exploring and as an extension to your visit you could walk to nearby Lianhuashan Park. Shenzhen is a sprawling city covering ten districts, so you’ll need to plan carefully to make the most of your time – places to see are listed by the district to make this easier. Choose from taxis, private drivers, buses and the ever expanding metro.

You certainly won’t experience the pollution of cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but the skies are hazier in the cloudier, winter months.