What are the causes and solutions for Webpages not getting indexed

Originally a normal website, suddenly, becomes a collection, it would mean the advent of an SEO professional moment of suffering, tragedy, the author of the station some time ago, encountered this situation, fortunately, after examination and treatment, the site restored to normal. Causes and solutions based on practical examples here on the author’s website suddenly not talk included. General situation: the author of the station in about 915 days, the original daily updates daily news page properly indexed beginning not included, followed by other pages on the site indexed begin to reduce, to the time 923 days, the site began to stop including snapshot start. stagnation, website keyword ranking drop.
However, not every site can fulfill its wish to be included Baidu and other search engines. So the reason a new site is not indexed by search engines in the end, what does? What is the solution, what is it? Xiamen SEO along with your analysis.
Site not indexed causes and corresponding solutions (for Google search engine) sites not included one of the reasons, Google does not know about the existence of the site to view the IIS web server logs to see if Baidu spider Baiduspider been to your site.
1, if not, explain Baidu spider does not know the existence of your site, your site or an island unknown. Solution: You can submit your site URL to the major search engines, please refer to: “Baidu, Google, Bing, Soso, Sogou, Yahoo, Youdao search engine URL submission address.”
2, if there is, it means that your website content is too small or too poor, such articles are collected. Solution: To improve the quality of the article sites, it is best to be original; find Baidu site to do high weight links (difficult); and more outside the chain, to improve the website Baidu weights.
The second reason the site is not included, Baidu included robots.txt file with the ban grammar website
robots.txt file in the root directory of the site to check to see if the file is not with the syntax is prohibited Baidu spider indexes:
the User-Agent: Baiduspider
Disallow: /
solution: direct delete this line of code.
The third reason is not included in the site, the site head placed the code prohibits the search engines to see if the site is placed between the head of the code: code.
Solution: delete this line of code.
The site is not included for four reasons, there are a serious cheating sites; method of cheating is very large: exchange links with sites such as K had been Baidu; keyword stuffing; Keyword hide ……
Solution: In exchange links time to carefully view each other’s domain age, the amount included, Baidu weights etc; do not try to fool the Baidu look, white hat SEO optimization is the right way.
Site not indexed five reasons, the site uses a frame layout iFrame, or the entire station Flash are still using the iFrame layout of the website is running out (some customer site construction company to deceive ignorantly, occasionally with), if still in use, then quickly abandoned.
Flash websites will need to be able to do a guided visit Baidu search engine friendly pages alone.
The site is not included six reasons, the web space unstable many owners because of freeloaders, or lured by an unscrupulous service provider, buying junk hosting. After Three days there is a small hanging, after five days a large hanging. The Google Spider eventually disappears
Solution: unable to bear a child sets the wolf, web space, try to pick a stable server.
Etc. After you have done for some time, according to generally the most common way, for example, it is in the blog post to add replies link, if you do a keyword is not very hot, it will usually have the effect, but this time there will be a bottleneck, you will find the ranking, one week or even longer is not change, this time must not be discouraged, thinking about change, a little flexible, you can go to some website owners to find a number of links, most likely a good Links let ranking quickly exceeded, in addition, do not limitations, the limitations of their own SEO is a big taboo, limit yourself to make yourself physically and mentally exhausted, feel silly doing things, so the heart bored, every day looking for new, learning new the application of new, and this is what you do.