Where Can you play with you bitcoins?

Betcoin is Possibly the cream of the crop, Betcoin has the largest community and a fully comprehensive client. While the interface is very much so outdated, the community is massive and the gameplay and competition are solid. Poker players can have a lot of fun here either in poker tournaments or cash games but game variety for seven card stud is not supported.
At Betcoin accounts are anonymous, When you register in betcoin it is sufficient to specify a mail address. Players don’t need to verify their account by showing an ID giving your address information
Since the introduction of Bitcoin, people haven’t really understood what it actually is. Some do believe that Bitcoin to be used as a real currency, others think it’s merely a commodity, a payment platform and much more. But no matter what you call it, Bitcoin is here the future of paying for everything!.

Today, only a few merchants actually accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. But as more people and merchants realize the benefits and worth of Bitcoins, then the crypto-currency would become more acceptable to exchange and use like how the Dollar or Euro or even gold is today.

There are several web-based wallets, USB wallets and hardware wallets that let you store your private bitcoin keys. You can also make use of paper wallets (they offer actual coin-like Bitcoin) which are the cheapest ways of keeping and storing your bitcoins. The best thing about paper wallet is that no digital keys are stored anywhere, therefore there would be no way to get your Bitcoin keys compromised via cyber-attacks or hardware failure.

It depends on the poker site you are playing on. But it is not mandatory to share your personal or financial details with the most poker sites. So, in case the poker site gets hacked, data sniffers won’t be able to access your Bitcoin wallet since you didn’t share it in the first place.

BitCoin Poker , DogeCoin Poker ,NameCoin PokerEther Poker, and Monero Poker are becoming popular recently. Today you can put ETH bets on E-Sports

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